?Who is Imam Mahdi

Who is Imam Mahdi? He is the only child of Imam Askari (as), the eleventh Imam of the Shiites. Imam Mahdi (pbuh) was born in Samarra at the dawn of mid-Sha’ban, and after five years of living under the care of his father, and his noble mother Narjes Khatun, following the martyrdom of Hazrat Askari (as) – like Jesus (pbuh) And Yahya (pbuh), who was in charge of prophethood as a child, took over the leadership of the Shiites at the age of five. That noble man will rule over the whole earth after the end of the time of absence with the formation of the world government of justice

Is the corona the same white death that is a sign of emergence

In the book of Kamal al-Din, the late Sheikh Saduq, the occurrence of white death is mentioned as one of the signs of emergence

In this narration, Sulayman ibn Khalid says: I heard Imam Sadiq (as) say: “Before the uprising of Qaem (as), two types of deaths occur; Red death and white death. Until five out of every seven people die. “Red death is with the sword and white death with the plague

Another narration states that two-thirds of people die due to white death or plague

Therefore, the prevalence of diseases such as plague or white death before the advent of Imam al-Asr (as) is mentioned in the narrations; But is this corona the same disease that is mentioned in the narration? We do not know and we can not say with certainty whether Corona disease is the same disease that has been said and is supposed to lead to the emergence of Imam al-Asr (as) or not

Because in previous periods, similar diseases have occurred with many casualties in Iran and the world, and today we are facing this phenomenon, and in other periods, this type of disease may occur in the world and cause more casualties.

?Where is Imam Zaman