The heavenly cry means the sound that is heard on the eve of the advent of Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the sky and all people hear it. In the narrations, the interpretation of “call”, “disaster” and “sound” is also used, the appearance of which shows that each This is a separate sign that occurs before the advent, but it seems that these are interpretations of a fact, and it is possible that they have reported three separate incidents that first make horrible noises and make everyone aware of themselves. Slowly, followed by a terrible and terrifying voice that frightens the hearts of the people (disgrace) and then a voice is heard from the sky that calls the people to the Mahdi (as). In this sense, they have reported that there are many Shiites and Sunnis

Imam Baqir (AS) says: A caller from the sky calls the name of Qaem, so whoever is in the east and west hears it, and those who are asleep from the terror of this sound wake up and the standing and sitting people sit on their feet. May God have mercy on the one who learns from this voice and responds to his call, because the first voice is the voice of Gabriel Ruh al-Amin

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